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Friday, 09 October 2015
01:15 AM
Slumdog Millionaire
Starring: Dev Patel, Anil Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, Freida Pinto, Irrfan Khan
Director: Danny Boyle
03:10 AM
Mona Lisa Smile
Mona Lisa Smile
05:17 AM
06:54 AM
Ong Bak 2
08:56 AM
Starring: Nichola Burley, Richard Winsor|63162, Ukweli Roach|156323
Director: Max Giwa
11:03 AM
Tomorrow Never Dies
01:35 PM
Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid
Starring: Johnny Messner, KaDee Strickland, Matthew Marsden, Nicholas Gonzalez"
Director: Dwight H. Little
03:22 PM
The Thieves
06:32 PM
You Only Live Twice
Starring: Sean Connery, Akiko Wakabayashi, Mie Hama
Lewis Gilbert:
08:59 PM
Gone In Sixty Seconds
Gone In Sixty Seconds
11:36 PM