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Sony PIX creates the ‘Largest web of Amazing People’

Mumbai, 20th June ‘13: Once again, Sony PIX has captured the digital space with the television premiere of The Amazing Spiderman on June 16, 2013. Sony PIX took the digital platform to engage with its viewers and promote the movie by creating ‘The Largest web of Amazing people’. The campaign was a social movement where users were encouraged to proactively tag and appreciate the goodness of the amazing people around them. The ‘First LIVE Interactive Game’ during the premiere of the movie created a lot of buzz among the twitteratis and facebook users and became a hot topic of discussion nationwide. Through this game, viewers were encouraged to identify their amazing friends and people around them by visiting and tagging them as Amazing people. The success of the campaign can be made out from the fact that on the first day of the activity #PixAmazingPeople was trending in India without any contest. On the day of the premier, #PIXAmazingSpidey was trending in India within 25 minutes and Worldwide within 1 hour 50 minutes. On Facebook, the Sony PIX account hiked its fans by 7.64 % as against the industry benchmark of 3% on 1 million, a total of approx. 90,000 fans. The campaign ended with 2,871 increase in followers and total mention of 18,965 on Twitter. With people continuously exposed to negative news, this campaign enabled people to look at the amazing things thus creating 'India's largest web of amazing people' with a total of over 30,000 tags in a span of 7 days. Its success clearly shows that this is what the viewers of today want; a two way and not one way interaction. Sony PIX has taken movie marketing to the next level with this campaign. It goes beyond just promoting the date of time and telecast and actually makes it relatable for people. The campaign came from an insight that 'there's a superhero amazing quality in each one of us' but often goes unacknowledged by others. With the premiere of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' here was an opportunity to get people to acknowledge the amazing superhero qualities and deeds by others. Sony PIX has always been amongst the front runners when it comes to promoting and marketing their brand, be it their campaigns or movie premiere promotions. When ‘Men in Black 3’ premiered on March 10, 2013 on Sony PIX, the ‘#PixMIB3moment’ trended at No. 1 across India and it was No. 5 worldwide when the campaign was on. The excitement of MIB 3 flooded onto twitter while the movie was on air, with nearly 2,00,000 people joining the conversation nationwide in under three hours. Himmat Butalia, Marketing Head Sony PIX said, “Social Media marketing for World television premieres is fast becoming a trend. Sony PIX started it with MIB 3 and now with the huge success of The Amazing Spiderman campaign, the future looks very bright. But let me caution you. Likes and numbers are good but you need to think if you have an idea for a campaign. We should focus on creating interesting stuff to engage the consumer rather than pushing things online.” With Sony PIX venturing into new aspects of exploring the digital medium, they sure pose a stiff competition to the other English movie channels.