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Get your daily dose of Hollywood ‘gossip with a twist’ from Notty Pixy!

Meet the saucy, bitchy, sexy and the suave Notty Pixy on the Facebook page of Sony PIX~ National, 22nd August, 2013: Ever wondered what do your favourite Hollywood celebrities eat, breathe and drink? What do they do other than movies… All your search stops here! Sony PIX has announced the launch of a captivating and ingenious Hollywood Insider called NOTTY PIXY who plans to take us for a saucy ride through Hollywood’s secrets. Starting today, meet her on the Facebook fan page of Sony PIX, for your regular dose of inside gossip with a twist from the world of Hollywood. Be rest assured that you will know all the ‘Notty’ news way before everyone else, because Notty Pixy is always present and invited at all Hollywood parties, fashion shoots, behind the scenes, film sets and even baby showers! Nothing ever escapes her eyes and ears as she has a sharp acumen for inside news happenings and spicy gossips. Commenting on the innovation, Mr. Saurabh Yagnik, Executive Vice President and Business Head, Sony PIX says, “Sony PIX is the leader when it comes to audience engagement on the social media platform. It has a loyal Facebook fan base and being a premium Hollywood movie channel, we always strive to give our viewers out of the box content. Notty Pixy is one such attempt. We are confident that she is certainly going to be hugely popular with our audiences and this is another step in our building differentiation for the channel in the category. ” Sony PIX is a front runner when it comes to engaging with its viewers on social media. All campaigns are targeted at being interactive and engaging. Sony PIX is recognised for appealing and smart ways of marketing their properties and premieres. With Notty Pixy, the audience will be able to relate to the character and in turn have a stronger association with the channel. So fasten those seat belts and hold on tight because Notty Pixy is here! She arrives today and she’s going to get her admirers up close and personal with the lives of their favorite Hollywood celebrities. It is time to party! Catch Notty Pixy on the Facebook page of Sony PIX!