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SONY PIX packs a punch with new logo and renewed positioning

SONY PIX now transcends you to heightened amazement! The big brand change, orchestrated by stars and stalwarts. Stay Amazed with Sony PIX Catch the biggest premiere of 2013, ‘SKYFALL’ on October 27, 1pm and 9pm only on Sony PIX Mumbai, 15th October: Sony PIX, the home of biggest blockbusters, is poised for a breakthrough with a double barrelled initiative guaranteed to grow the channel to greater heights. The new brand identity will be introduced in conjunction with the premiere of ‘SKYFALL’ on October 27 at 1pm and 9pm exclusively on Sony PIX. The premiere of the biggest Bond movie ever will be the platform when the channel showcases its refreshed brand identity featuring a new on air look and the brand philosophy, ‘STAY AMAZED’ that correctly reflects its youthful and progressive approach to content and audiences. There has been total clutter in the category with everyone speaking the same language of Hollywood and trying to establish their Hollywood credentials. The new philosophy of PIX will take a leap forward to create a positioning which will define ‘What of Hollywood’ people like, thereby breaking the clutter and clearly distinguishing it from other key players in the category. Stay Amazed is a brand promise by Sony PIX, which will ensure that on Sony PIX whether television, Social Media or on-ground; the viewer will never have a dull and boring moment. It promises to always excite, entice and engage its viewers. On the Social media front too one cannot differentiate content between one channel and the other. Sony PIX has innovated to differentiate by creating a unique character to represent PIX on Social Media, ‘Notty Pixy’ which is a breakthrough in the English movie category. Notty Pixy is a Hollywood insider who provides latest Hollywood news and gossip with a bitchy and saucy twist. In November there will also be a Notty Pixy slot on air which will be truly integrated with Social Media. The brand new channel packaging will be seen in Neon Green, a revolution in the English movie genre. Neon green is ‘eye catching’ and a hot trend with aspirational youth brands. A change that is brought about to let the brand stay in-sync with its increasing number of young viewers. The logo has been designed by Medialuna (MDL), Argentina which has worked very closely with Sony PIX. Ram Sampath, a leading music composer, music producer and musician has composed music for the new channel packaging. Not only this, the Indian superhero, Krissh aka Hrithik Roshan has associated for an integrated campaign with Krissh 3 and the channel brand campaign, Sony PIX Stay Amazed. 2013 has been a great year for Sony PIX with top rating premiers within the genre like Men in Black 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man. In its refreshed facade too, the channel is living the philosophy of ‘Stay Amazed’ with titles like Spiderman Franchise, Shrek franchise, Rocky franchise, Bond franchise, The Hobbit, Iron Man 1& 2, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Mission Impossible, After Earth, Elysium, Django Unchained providing the best viewing experience to younger audiences across the country. Speaking about the relaunch of the channel, Mr. Saurabh Yagnik, EVP & Business Head, Sony PIX states, “Sony PIX has successfully delivered its brand promise of providing blockbuster content and offering wholesome viewing experience to its viewers. The channel is on a strong growth path and is consistently operating in the top two bracket of the category. It has been our constant endeavour to innovate and differentiate our brand to bring in relevance to our viewers. In our new avatar too, we promise to continue this endeavour and give the audience a richer viewing experience through engaging content and campaigns. The revamped look propagates the brand philosophy of being fresh, innovative and progressive. Our content and branding will establish Sony PIX as the most exciting, fun and entertaining English movie channel”. Sony PIX has always been amongst the front runners when it comes to promoting and marketing their premieres in an innovative way. The premiere of SKYFALL will see an innovative 360 degree promotional campaign that will again engage its viewers like never before. The channel is gearing up for the ‘Biggest secret mission ever’ on Facebook which will give a once in a lifetime opportunity to the viewers to win a trip to ‘Bond in Motion’ exhibition in London. Bond in Motion is the largest official collection of original James Bond vehicles collected over 50 years. The presenting sponsor for the Skyfall campaign is and the powered by sponsor is Dell and Engage deos. Other sponsors include Toyota, Lombard suiting, Whirlpool, We Chat and many more. Get ready to enjoy the biggest blockbuster ‘SKYFALL’ and ‘Stay Amazed’ on your favorite Hollywood channel; Sony PIX