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Star Cast: Daryl Hannah; Rick Rossovich; Steve Martin; Shelley Duvall; Damon Wayans
Director: Fred Schepisi
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A modernisation of Edmond Rostands "Cyrano De Bergerac". C.D. Bales is a fire chief, who just happens to have an enormous nose. He hires a new fire-fighter, Chris, who is handsome, and knows his hoses, but is useless when it comes to women. Roxanne is an astronomer who has just arrived in town. She catches the eye of Chris, and he asks C.D. to help him woo her. Little does Chris know that C.D. is mad about Roxanne, but hasn't found the right way to tell her - yet.

Bales is challenged to tell 20 nose jokes. After he tells 19, he asks "How many's that?", to which he is told "fourteen!". He goes on to tell another six, making 25 in total.

At one point in the film a character is talking to Chris about Roxanne's surname being odd and says "It's Kazanski or something like that". Iceman Kazanski was Val Kilmer's character in Top Gun (1986) which also starred Rick Rossovich.

When C.D. is challenged to think of 20 better jokes than "big nose", one of them, "you must love the little birdies that you give them this to perch on" is taken directly from the original scene in Cyrano De Bergerac.

During the balcony scene, CD speaks to Roxanne of being like Chagall's floating "blue man". The Marc Chagall painting titled "Above the Town" can be seen in CD's house over the fireplace.

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