King Kong

  • Andy Serkis, who helped in creating the facial expressions for King Kong, studied wild gorillas in Africa to mimic their movements & behaviour.
  • More than 350 hours of footage was shot for this 3-hour film.
  • This film was shipped to theatres in the USA under the name 'Tiny Dancer' to restrict any piracy attempts.
  • It took 18 months to create the CGI version of the Empire State Building in this movie while the actual building was built in 14 months.
  • The sound of King Kong's roar is a lion's roar played backwards at half speed.
  • Peter Jackson was paid Rs. 132 Crores to direct this film, which is the highest salary ever paid to a film director in advance of production.
  • Bryan Singer, the director of 'Superman Returns', directed the King Kong versus T-Rex Fight Sequence. He was given a special ‘Thank You’ in the End Credits.