- You can participate by logging in to our microsite and registering for the contest.

- The Contest runs from 19th Jan – 25th Jan, every day at 9 PM

- We will have a movie property lined up for this Contest from 19th Jan – 25th Jan at 9 PM. - There will be a QR code running on the channel in the form of Aston or bug. - You will have to scan the same and log on to the portal to play the game. - You will have to answer 10 questions every day based on that particular movie being aired.

- Yes. The link can also be accessed directly but only during the telecast of the movie.

- You will have to answer 10 questions every day from 19th Jan – 25th Jan at 9 PM

- The questions will be in the form of texts, visuals, audio, graphics, icons, etc. related to Sony PIX movie library.

- Yes, it is a time-based contest, so you need to be quick with your answers. The time will be the tie breaker with an equivalent participant score on the leader board

- You can answer the can question at you convenience but you will have to quick to outplay the other contestant.

- We will create a leaderboard for the top 10 winners every day till the end of the Contest for you to track your progress.

- The top 3 winners will win a trip to Columbia Pictures Aquaverse Water Park in Thailand.